A La Carte

A La Carte

Our A La Carte Online Catering Guide provides you the basic option of having Dink�s supply you with the necessary meats and salads in our disposable containers.
� Select your desired items from the following menu.

A La Carte Online Catering Guide

Please follow the convenient menu to
help determine your A La Carte needs:

For a dinner portion of a sliced meat, we recommend 7 ozs. of meat per person. For a sandwich portion, we recommend 4 ozs. per person of a desired meat.

Simple: Multiply 7 ozs. or 4 ozs. times the number of guests you are expecting, then divide that figure by 16 (ozs. converting to lbs.) And that will give you the pounds of meat you need to order for your special event. Round up or down, but don�t run out!

To estimate ribs: Figure 2.5 ribs per person when served with another meat, 4-5 Ribs per person for a Rib Dinner. Each side of ribs contains approximately 11 countable ribs.

To estimate your side dishes: One gallon of side dishes will feed between 30-40 persons. The more types of side dishes you order the more a gallon will feed.

1 gallon of tea serves approximately 10 people at about 12 ozs. per person.

A La Carte / Take Away Menu Items

Barbecue Brisket $ 16.99/lb.
Smoked Sausage $ 12.99/lb.
Pulled Pork or Pork Tenderloin $ 13.99/lb.
Sliced Chicken $ 13.99/lb.
Chicken Whole/Pieces $ 13.99 each
Sliced Turkey Breast $ 13.99/lb.
Smoked Ham $ 11.99/lb.
Garlic Bologna $ 11.99/lb.
Dink�s Famous Pork Spare Ribs $22.99side
Loinback Ribs $23.99/side

Sides / Add�Ons

Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Pinto Beans

Pints of Sides (one pint feeds 3-4 people) $ 4.29/pt.
Dink�s World Famous Sauce $27.99/gal.
Tea with cups, sugar and sweetener $ 6.99/gal.
Pepper and Relish Tray (10-12 persons) $ 8.99
Buns $ .59@
Dinner Rolls $ .49@
Plasticware set-up (per person)
(plate, napkin, cup, plastic eating utensils)


Delivery and set-up charge may apply. For delivery please notify us 24 hours in advance. Prices subject to change without notification. Delivery is on a first come first served basis.