f Dink's Barbecue - Dinners



Our dinners are served at any hour, and include your choice of any two side dishes, (choose from baked, pinto or green beans, cole slaw, Curly-Q fries, okra, corn on the cob, potato salad or cottage cheese) plus bread, pickles, onions and sauce. For baked potato add $1.95 and for salad add $1.95

See our full menu for more information. (Bartlesville, OK)

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Beef Brisket Dinner (sliced or chopped) $ 13.99
Pig Dinner (pulled or sliced) $ 12.99
Sliced Turkey Breast Dinner $ 10.99
Smoked Sausage Dinner (you name it...mild, hot or extra hot) $ 10.99
Lonestar Combination (enjoy any two different meats) $13.99
Dink’s Platter (pick  3 different meats) $14.99
Dink’s Sampler Platter
(with servings of brisket, pork, ribs and sausage)
Sliced Chicken Breast Dinner $ 12.99
Half a Bar-B-Que Chicken Dinner $ 11.99
Chicken Tenders (fried or grilled) $ 10.99